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Mistakes in the information about the Company contained in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities have various grades: omitted or false data on the head of constantly working executive body (Director General), false information on the shares of Company’s participants, wrong data on the authorized stock, false information on subsidiaries and representative offices of the Company, etc.
Our lawyers have met more than 20 different variants of such mistakes in their practice, which were always successfully corrected by them.
Reasons of occurrence of such mistakes: mistake of an applicant when filing the documents to the registering authority, clerical error of the employees of the registering body itself.
The practice shows that probability of mistakes in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities increases when the documents are sent by post; that is why, this problem is characteristic of major companies, whose directors have no time to visit the registering authority.
One way or another, such mistakes make substantial difficulties to the company.
The said mistakes can be corrected as follows: presenting the documents for correction of the error made by the applicant according to the established procedure, or making changes to the information about the company. One more way, which is often recommended by the registering body’s employees — presenting a letter on correction of an error to the clerical office — does not seem effective in practice. In spite of much time spent, the mistake itself is not corrected in most cases.
The lawyers of our company shall find the optimal variant of correction in your certain situation and with a 100% guarantee shall make the needed changes within the shortest possible time.