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The lawyers of our company render services connected with representation of interests in arbitration courts in the following spheres:

- Civil disputes (contractual)
- Corporate disputes
- Disputes arising out of administrative and other public legal relations
- Cases connected with appeals relating to arbitral courts’ decisions
Our lawyers are highly experienced in representation of the clients’ interests in arbitration courts of any instances, including Supreme Arbitration Court, and further on — in executive procedures.
We render the following services in connection with judicial proceedings:
- Legal expertise of documents and determining possible judicial decision
- Pre-trial works (working out the Claim, Appeals)
- Making a claim/opinion
- Actual presentation in the Court.
Our lawyers also can be attracted for work at the separate stages of the process, but, undoubtedly, for achievement of a positive result, it is preferable to participate in the case from the initial stage, where it is possible to determine the most advantageous professional position for your particular situation.
With regard to the most complicated cases, our lawyers have experience of reiterated successful appeals of decisions in the Supreme Arbitration Court, new referral service, and final court victory.
Anyway, as soon as at the stage of preparation to the trial all the documents and the situation in general should be thoroughly analyzed, the process party’s position determined, and further on, your arguments should be competently brought to the notice of the court. It is important to understand that even a detail that seems insignificant can cause serious consequences. The lawyer’s work includes, inter alia, the agreement of position with you. This also concerns you speech at the process (if this is the matter of witness testimony). Our lawyers will be glad to help you.