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Welcome to the United Consulting Company!
In 1998, British lawyer Dave Gossling and British businessman Sergey Yunov set an aim to organize legal practice in the territory of CIS.
The first Moscow office under the UNICONSUL brand was opened in 2000. Initially, the Company specialized in corporate law and support of clients in arbitration courts. In the course of their activity, the list of services was substantially enlarged.
In 2008, the company underwent rebranding and became as it is at present.
Today we are glad to offer solutions for your tasks and projects in the following directions:
Corporate law: Registration of limited liability companies (LLC), joint-stock companies (JSC), making changes to these LLC’s, JSC’s, liquidation of limited liability companies, issue of shares for close joint-stock companies and open joint-stock companies, management of affairs connected with the companies' insolvency, reorganization of the companies in the form of: merger and take-over, reorganization, separation.
Services of granting the legal address to your company.
We can also render services for support of your company’s activities in the fields of corporate, labor, contractual law, interaction with inspecting bodies, as well as full professional accounting support of your business. Solution of problems connected with antimonopoly regulation: obtaining permissions and filing notices to Federal Antimonopoly Service.
Registration of non-commercial organizations and introduction of changes.
Obtaining licenses for the sale of alcohol and authorization documents in Sanitary and Epidemiological Service and Fire Safety Inspection Service, services connected with joining the self-regulating organization.
Conduction of due diligence for your business.
Services relating to international activities: support of international activities.
Support of investment projects.
Development of tax planning systems for your business.
In our company we also develop anti-raider direction for consulting and finding solutions to provide security of your business.
We can solve your problems connected with corporate arguments, provide the pre-trial services: composing complaints, letters, appeals, and litigation-related services: making claims and opinions, representation of your interests in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction.
The list of most prominent projects of the company, for which the partial disclosure of information is allowed under the terms of confidentiality:
- Non-amicable election of Director General in the conditions of in-house conflict, followed by correction of mistakes in the Unified state Register of Legal Entities.
The cost of the company’s assets exceeds 90 million rubles.
- Performance of post-sale Due Diligence.
Transaction cost exceeds 10 million rubles.
- Performance of Due Diligence, as a result of which the company’s debt was detected, amounting to more than 8 million rubles. Further on, debt rescheduling was carried out.
Transaction cost exceeds 5 million rubles.
- The data contained in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities were corrected and adjusted in accordance with constituent documents, in the part of number and location of the company's subsidiaries. The limitation period for mistakes was more than 1 year.
The cost of the company’s assets exceeds 1 billion rubles.
- Registration of the affiliate of the major energetic corporation was carried out. During the process, amendments were made to the notary's certificate of proof in connection with the fact that the sole founder of the company was a legal entity, whose executive body was represented by the management company.
The authorized capital of the company amounts to 5 million rubles.
- Protection from the raider attack on the company, the owner of the plant in the territory of Moscow. During the development of anti-raider measures, the company was shifted to another region.
The cost of the company’s assets exceeds 100 million rubles.
- The participant was excluded from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities without the Court’s decision, due to non-payment of the authorized capital; at the same time, the authorized capital of the Company was lessened, with subsequent lessening of the remaining participant's share for its share which was not paid.
 The cost of the company’s assets exceeds 90 million rubles.


Dave Gossling


Graduate of the law faculty of the University of London. Undertook an internship in Norton Rose,a legal firm. Further, founded a legal firm in London. In the course of his legal practice, Dave got acquainted with Sergey Yunov — the British businessman having Russian roots.
In 1998, Dave and Sergey determined directions of their legal practice in the CIS countries. Since then, he is a partner of UNICONSUL.  
Sergey Yunov
Graduate of the law faculty of the Moscow State University. After graduation from the University, he worked in the legal departments of major Russian companies connected with mining operations and railway transport. Sergey is a UNICONSUL partner from the moment of its establishment.


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