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The lawyers of our company perform a full monthly legal support of your business.

Most western and European companies use the services of external advisers. Even major corporations often have no lawyers in their staff and entrust representation of their interests to specialized legal firms, since this approach is the most effective in terms of both quality and time. This world trend is gradually spreading in Russia.
Why is it preferable to enjoy the legal support of external advisers and not to create your own cadre of lawyers?
First of all, the in-house cadre of lawyers is rather expensive for many companies: as the only lawyer, even a highly qualified one, cannot specialize in all the branches of law, it is likely that the company should hire different lawyers specializing in labor law, civil (contractual) law, corporate law, and their aggregate salary shall make a substantial sum of money.
To have the only one lawyer means to run the risks connected with the fields, in which he/she does not specialize.
Moreover, in today’s world, where time is money, the lawyer must cope with the task with minimal expenses in the shortest possible time. Even in major companies having 10 or more in-house lawyers, the cadre of lawyers is sometimes incapable to cope with the given tasks, and the help of outer consultants is needed.
Our company has specialists in labor, civil (contractual), and corporate law; each of them manages his/her own field, so you can be sure that your projects and tasks shall be performed promptly and professionally.
Our lawyers can control the holding of general meetings of shareholders (participants), send notices and draw up reports, support major transactions and interested party transactions, perform contractual work, from drawing up and agreement with a counteragent to control of all the obligations of the parties, and do many other things.
In our company you buy a certain amount of our lawyer’s working hours and determine, in which spheres (support in labor, contractual, corporate law) he/she will work; upon expiry of the month, the unused hours shall be referred to the next month.
Minimal initial amount of time you can buy is 6 hours (15,000 rubles); later it will be possible to determine, what amount of the lawyer’s work your organization needs.
Monthly legal subscription services offered by our company guarantee the safety of your business.